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Breach of Contract

San Jose Employment Law Breach of Contract Lawyer

For employment law matters, breach of contract cases can become a complex legal issue, each breach of contract claim is unique. Many times the terms and conditions contained within the contract are unclear, confusing, or are merely not being properly implemented by the employer. Employers may also draft contracts that try to prevent an employee from working in the same industry or competing with their former company, after being terminated. It is important to note that in the eyes of the courts, a contract can be verbal or written.

If you believe you have an employment contract that has been broken, please contact the Law Offices of Rutger Heymann, where I represent employees and not employers. Being dedicated to employment law, allows me to enjoy the challenge of the most difficult legal issues, taking on the biggest corporations in the Bay Area, and protecting the rights of my clients.

Breach of Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are an essential component to a person’s employment; they can provide peace of mind to an employee. A solid employment contract can address issues involving:

I have assisted employees in resolving issues with their employers when disputes over the terms and conditions of their contracts have arisen. I have also successfully negotiated monetary and non-monetary settlements for clients.

Bay Area Employment Fraud

Fraud may include luring an employee from one job or city to another on false premises regarding the new job. Such fraud claims may result in higher damages. Fraud may also include misrepresentations about any term and condition of your job. Fraud is a serious matter for which you should seek experienced legal counsel. Fraud is an intentional deception, misrepresentation, or the promise of performance without any intent to fulfill that promise. It can also be a statement that the employer knows to be false with the intent of profiting by that deceptive act. Because each fraud claim is unique, I spend a significant amount of time with each of my clients to understand the details of each case so we may achieve the best possible resolution. I use a straightforward approach, with the goal of reaching a satisfactory conclusion to their legal problems.

Contact Attorney Rutger Heymann – 100% Confidential Consultations

You may have questions about your employment contract or the method that your employer used to secure your interest in working that only an experienced employment attorney can answer. Importantly, I understand the need to be discrete during early discussions with you regarding your situation. To schedule a confidential consultation with a breach of contract / employment fraud lawyer in San Jose or San Francisco please call 408-404-8591 or email me today.