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Serious Help For Sexual Harassment Cases

You deserve to work in a safe environment, free of sexual harassment. Every employee, whether an executive, manager or worker, is covered under federal and state laws designed to protect victims of unwanted sexual advances and hostile work environments.

Despite a continuing awareness of the emotional and professional impact of sexual harassment, it still persists in the workplace today. At The Law Offices of Rutger Heymann, I am an experienced sexual harassment attorney who can stand up for your rights.

Types Of Sexual Harassment Related To The Workplace

There are two types of sexual harassment that are prohibited by the law:

  • “Quid Pro Quo” sexual harassment is any situation that involves an “if/then” type of scenario. For example, a manager may say “if you do this, then you will get this.” No matter if you give in or reject the harassment, your job benefits are affected by the result.
  • “Hostile Work Environment” is any sexual harassment that does not affect your job or benefits, but is considered pervasive or severe. Actions like this typically make it difficult for you to comfortably perform your job or be around your coworkers.

Sexual harassment can take many forms, including jokes that are obscene; offensive comments; sexual notes or emails; any proposition of a sexual nature; any physical contact such as hugging, touching, kissing and massaging; and implied or direct demands for sexual favors.

Even an apparently throwaway comment can be the basis for a hostile environment under certain circumstances. A skilled attorney can listen to your situation and tell you more.

Workplace Retaliation: Do You Need A Lawyer?

If you were fired, demoted or harassed because you notified your employer about a hostile work environment or sexual harassment against yourself, or even against others, you may be able to sue your employer. These types of cases are called whistleblower cases and can lead to severe punishment for your former employer.

What Should You Do If You Are Sexually Harassed Or Retaliated Against?

Your first step is to contact a highly skilled sexual harassment attorney. If you contact me, I will also advise you about the steps you can take to stop sexual harassment at work. These steps could include telling the harasser that their behavior is not welcome and must stop. If the harasser doesn’t take notice of your request, you may want to try writing out the request so it is on record. In many situations, I may also advise you to file complaints to your boss, HR department or employer. We will discuss the legal procedures you may need to use to stop this unfair conduct.

Timing Is Important.
Contact Me; The Clock Is Ticking.

Statutes of limitations exist, meaning that you may need legal representation as soon as possible in you wish to file a claim. Through my years of legal experience handling sexual harassment claims, I will advise you of the timeline, the involved legal procedures and the practical ramifications. I am sensitive to the emotional toll that such unlawful conduct takes on my clients and their families.

Whether it involves obtaining a swift resolution or prevailing at trial, I am mindful of the different goals that each client seeks in addressing the sexual harassment they have suffered. To speak with me about sexual harassment, call my office in San Jose, California, at 408-404-8591 or email today.