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You Have Rights Against Unlawful Firing Or Workplace Revenge

In California, most employment is at-will, meaning an employee can be fired for cause — or for no reason at all. However, your employer cannot fire you if you refuse the employer’s instruction to break a law, or if you report or oppose an unlawful practice in the workplace. Additionally, reporting wrongdoing or illegal activity can result in your employer retaliating against you. This is also illegal, and you deserve justice for any of these illegal behaviors at work.

At The Law Offices of Rutger Heymann, I will aggressively protect your rights. I have successfully represented employees who were wrongfully terminated or retaliated against for the following protected conduct:

  • Opposing financial fraud or accounting fraud
  • Advocating for patient safety in hospitals or health care facilities
  • Complaining about automobile sales fraud
  • Objecting to unsafe workplace practices such as toxic dumping or OSHA violations
  • Objecting to fraudulent securities practices such as stock option backdating
  • Complaining about wage/hour and overtime violations
  • Opposing fraudulent, unfair or deceptive business practices such as false advertising
  • Reporting unsafe products, unsafe medical practices or FDA violations
  • Objecting to sexual harassment, sex discrimination, pregnancy discrimination or LGBT discrimination
  • Objecting to age, disability, racial and/or national origin discrimination
  • Refusing to do something illegal

If you were terminated or denied a promotion based on any of the above situations or harassed for opposing such conduct, you should contact a wrongful termination attorney to determine if your termination was illegal. Calling me first can provide you with legal advice that is in your best interest.


Retaliation Laws Protect Your Rights

Retaliation against victims of discrimination and harassment who have spoken out and reported such behavior is all too common in today’s society. Any actions like this are illegal at the state and federal level. This can even occur when an employee is not themselves a victim of harassment but is trying to help another employee by protesting harassment.


Contact Me For Help With Your Workplace Retaliation Or Termination Situation

Corporations today have teams of lawyers guiding managers and human resources staff on how to terminate an employee or justify a denial for promotion. Frequently, employers start a “paper trail” to support their claims. If a “paper trail” has been started, protect yourself by calling an attorney before you are fired. If you call me, I will discuss ways to counter your employer’s actions and guide you through the employment law maze.

As an experienced worker’s rights attorney, I understand that illegal actions against workers can take many forms and occur for many reasons. I represent workers throughout California, including San Francisco, San Jose and the Bay Area. To learn more about how your case can be successfully resolved, call me today at 408-404-8591 or email me.