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You Don’t Have To Tolerate Workplace Discrimination

Under the law, you have the right to apply for jobs and perform your work without being subjected to several forms of discrimination. Workers who are targeted by hiring managers, supervisors or employment agencies for discrimination may have a legal claim under both California and federal law.

Highly Experienced Anti-Discrimination Lawyer

My name is Rutger Heymann, and I have practiced employment law in San Jose and the South Bay area for nearly 20 years. My firm, The Law Offices of Rutger Heymann, has helped hundreds of workers take on discriminatory practices at some of the region’s most prominent employers and helped my clients obtain fair financial compensation.

Stopping Employment Discrimination In California

Employment law has established several “protected classes” that have historically been subject to employment discrimination, giving members of those groups the ability to file suit against employers.

In California, no employer may discriminate against you based on your:

With some exceptions, discrimination is prohibited in the hiring, firing, promotion, training and paying of employees. So is harassing co-workers or subordinates about their protected class status and refusing as the employer to take steps to stop the harassment.

If you have been the victim of any form of employment discrimination, I will help you seek justice. I know the signs of discrimination and will explain what to expect with your case. I will work diligently to secure a fair settlement or trial verdict, so you can be compensated for the damage to your career.

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